Zulabooth FAQ

Will someone from your company attend the booth during the event?
Yes, a professional photo booth specialist is included in every rental and will attend the booth for the duration of your event. They will make sure your guests have a good time and all the equipment operates smoothly. Many photo booth companies drop off their booth and do not provide an attendant. If you select one of these companies and the printer or camera breaks during your event, unfortunately, no one is available to fix the problem.

Can the photo strips be personalized?
Yes, we will add a personalized message or logo at the top of each strip for free. A photo booth specialist will work with you prior to your event to create a custom photo strip for your event.

Why is your website address printed on the bottom of the photo strips?
We place all the photos from each event on our website and facebook so your guests can download them to their desktop or upload them to Facebook for free. To ensure your guests know where to get electronic copies of their pictures it is best to have our website at the bottom of the photo strip.

How quickly will the photos be printed?
Our commercial grade printer will print the photo strips within 10 seconds for your guests’ immediate enjoyment. Our speedy printer also ensures the line of guests waiting to get in the booth will go quickly.

Does the booth print color or black and white photos?
Our system allows your guests to choose between color or black and white photos before they begin each photo session. We also have the ability to limit all photos taken at your event to be only color or only black and white. If you don’t have a strong preference, we suggest you allow your guests to choose. After the event you will receive a CD or USB flash drive with all the photos which allows you the ability to edit the photos and print them in black and white.

Is there a limit on how many photos we can print at the event?
No, we provide unlimited prints during your event! The photo booth specialist can print multiple copies of photos upon guest request to ensure each guest goes home with a memorable keepsake from your event.

What size photos will we receive?
The photo strips measure 2 x 6 inches with four pictures and your personalized message or logo on the top.

Can I get an acrylic frames or bookmark sleeves for our photo’s?
Yes, we offer both acrylic frames and bookmark sleeves for an additional cost. Look at our Rates & Services page for more info.

Do you have any props for guests to use while taking pictures?
Yes! We have a prop box full of hats, boas, glasses, swords, etc. to add to the fun. Props can be a great way to bring out the “silly” side of your serious or shy guests. You may be shocked at how animated some of your guests become! However, we do not always suggest having props. For very formal weddings and events, having props can take away from the “formal” setting. Offering a prop box for your guests is your decision and we will be flexible to provide the atmosphere you desire for your event.

Can I bring my own Scrapbook and accessories?
Yes, you are more than welcome to have your own style scrap book, markers, stickers, ect. However, in order to maintain the same quality for all of our customers we have to charge full price for the service. Having a scrapbook available requires an extra staff member on site for the duration of the event as well as additional prints for your guest. The majority of the Guest Book Service fee is used to pay our employees and cover the cost of additional photos.

Are there special power requirements to run the booth?
No. All that is required is access to one standard 110V outlet within 30 feet of the booth.

Can you accommodate outdoor events?
No, Due to the style of our booth we no longer support outdoor events. Since our photo booths are what our industry calls pipe and drape photo booths which means our booths have a 5×5 structure covered in cloth. As you know even the slightest breeze could cause a problem not to mention all of our equipment is exposed if there is any precipitation.

Do you travel?
Yes, we will travel any distance within a three hour drive from the Green Bay area. Travel and accommodation fees may apply. Please contact us to inquire about your location and receive a quote. We will come to you!

When do I need to pay for the photo booth services?
We require a deposit to reserve your date for the booth. Payment for your event is due in full 30 days before your event.

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